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We are a company specialized in the provision of workforce delegation and leasing services within the European market. Our primary objective revolves around facilitating the seamless integration of highly qualified personnel with reputable clients.


Are you the owner of a construction company in need of skilled workers? Perhaps you own a business in other sectors and require operators, warehouse staff, or production workers?

Or maybe you are seeking employment within the European Union? Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg?

We connect top-notch specialists from Poland with reputable companies across Europe. We provide highly qualified professionals with extensive industry experience, without complications or risks.

Our transparent billing and clear agreements guarantee you peace of mind. You can also continue and expand projects according to your needs. Whether you need to hire workers for a short period or on a permanent basis, we’ve got you covered.

By partnering with our company, you are supporting the Ankizy Gasy Foundation - Children of Madagascar.

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Our Offer

For Business

Are you looking for qualified employees for your company? RSK HAUS Sp. z o.o. is a reputable employment agency specializing in sourcing skilled workers from Poland.

Our business offering is tailored to companies in search of not only competent, but also loyal and responsible employees.

Why choose RSK HAUS?

First and foremost, we have extensive industry experience, and our team consists of professionals who have a deep understanding of the job market realities in Europe.

Skilled Workers

The offer includes highly qualified workers available for employment on a flexible basis.

Recruitment Optimization

Let us take care of all the formalities associated with finding the right employees.

Transparent Terms

With our clear terms of cooperation, you can be confident that each stage will be transparent and understandable.

Competitive Rates

Rates adjusted to the value and skills of the employees, ensuring a satisfying remuneration.


We will match the job offer to your experience!
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